2012 Presidential Debate


2012 Presidential Campaign

While Romney builds cash advantage over Obama as conventions approach, the Obama campaign has been spending much more than donations contributed to the campaign.

Romney cannot unleash full campaign donations until he has officially been the nominee.  Thus, once he becomes the nominee at the GOP convention, rest assured the Romney campaign will start spending massive amounts of money on advertising and field operations.

Since the start of the Presidential campaign Obama has outspent Romney $270.6 million to $166.8 million. Therefore, this gives the Romney campaign an advantage because not only do they have a pile of money to burn, most Americans start paying more attention to the campaigns prior three months before election. Not to mentioned – the other advantage is that the Romney campaign can analyze the data more aggressively because the Obama campaign has been spending a lot more than Romney and they have been spending more than they are bringing in.

The architecture of the back-end data is extremely important and those campaigns who integrate relevant methodologies using their own software, often prevail regarding the accuracy and type of data they are able to obtain and use to their advantage.


Key GOP Convention Speakers: 

» Mitt Romney
» Chris Christie
» Rand Paul
» Nikki Haley
» Pam Bondi
» Scott Walker
» Bobby Jindal
» Ted Cruz
» Marco Rubio
» John Boehner


Key DNC Convention Speakers:

» Barack Obama
» Julian Castro
» Rahm Emanuel
» Kamala D. Harris
» Ted Strickland
» Deval Patrick
» Martin O’Malley
» Tim Kaine
» Bill Clinton
» John Kerry
» John Hickenlooper


2012 Presidential Debate Schedule


Oct 3,2012:
Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m EST
Location: Denver
Moderator: Jim Lehrer
Topic: Domestic Policy


√ Oct 11, 2012:
Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m EST
Location: Kentucky
Moderator: Martha Raddatz
Topic: Foreign and Domestic Policy


Oct 16, 2012:
Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m EST
Location: New York
Moderator: Candy Crowley
Topic: Foreign and Domestic Policy


Oct 22, 2012:
Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m EST
Location: Florida
Moderator: Bob Schieffer
Topic: Foreign Policy


Social Commerce Site


Social Networking Sites

As we all know social media has forever more changed our online habits regarding shopping, research etc.. Relying on social networks in specific market niche’s has become a norm for most, with an adaptation of integrated social media sites taking a rise amongst social media users.

Consumer-to-consumer marketing platforms are a driving force and allow consumers to enhance social points. While – Business-to-Consumer commerce equates to consumers engaging in social shopping, which is shopping through a social filter. Ultimately, companies need to see social commerce as integral to the way in which they communicate and transact with consumers. Therefore, sustaining integrated conversations with consumers across all channels – social and otherwise – establishing the mutually rewarding relationships that drive social sales, is critically important for success.



Social Commerce Market 

Revenues for the social commerce market are expected to reach $30 billion by 2015. This is due to multiple factors, including consumers spending more time on social networks, brands targeting consumers in the news feed (as opposed to fan pages) and advances in technology, such as mobile Geo-location shopping apps and enterprise marketing tools.


Social Media Revolution

Social media reminds of the reality T.V boom.  With one of the first T.V reality shows “Survivor” becoming a hit and first of it’s kind, countless reality shows followed and as I write this blog (8/2012) the growth of reality T.V still continues. With that said – Myspace was the conglomerate regarding social media sites in the beginning of time, however since then Myspace has basically disappeared and Facebook has become the mother of all social medial sites, that’s for the time being. Other successful social media sites have followed such as Pinterest, Linkedin,  it’s literally impossible to keep up with all of the social media sites in their own niche out their.


Network Blogging System


Empower Network Blogging System

A ready-to-go viral blogging platform system for bloggers or entrepreneurs.  A turn key sales performance solution for anybody who wants to market their own services, products, business, or has a passion for blogging about anything.  Essentially a pre-formatted and integrated blogging system with the social networks, to help you get more traffic, capture leads, and build your primary business faster, better, and with less resistance.


empower network blogging

Making Money Online

Making money on the Internet can be done by a 10yr old. For example – Post something you want to sell on Craigslist and their is a good chance you will sell that particular item, and if so, you just made some money online.  Now that’s one way, however their are countless other ways to making money online, and once you start making more money you will need to invest in other back-end systems and tools to scale and sustain your business growth.

A blogging platform system that sets the wheels in motion, crafting a unique offer that is built around your individual passion. So, no matter what your selling or your passion, you control your passion regarding your products or services you sell, and not someone else.  Thus, having your marketing centered around fundamental strategies with interchangeable parts is probably one of the most important elements regarding making money online.

Multi level marketing blogs require a level of platform proficiency.  Therefore, once the big tweaks are leveled-out by the developers on the back-end, the flood gates open and consumers, business owners, and online marketers can start executing their passions.  And being one of the early affiliates in the company can be very beneficial in many ways. I invite you to check-out this blogging platform system that might scale your business or personal goals to the next level, wherever that might be.



Facebook Bans Empower Network Links


Facebook Blocks Empower Network Links

Thousands of empower network affiliate marketing bloggers woke up on August 6,2012  to see a facebook “block” was done on all empower network links and redirects including imagery. This comes by no surprise given the fact that other link shrinking services such bit.ly and a few others have been blocked as well. With that said – I’m not sure if they will be adding the imagery back or links, however their is no need to worry, because their are other alternatives to bypass facebook’s banning of links.


Empower Network Facebook Banned

Facebook social media site like most online companies, especially social media sites have specific parameters allocated for some employees to access. Example – Master login credentials (passwords) are given that allows employees to see any information that (like yourself) users have typed in their Facebook pages, or Google Plus streams, or any other social media platforms.

Newer sites with large audiences and many links/redirects with postings on Facebook get policed more frequently. If determined  to spammy regarding the companies methodologies, then links/redirects can be banned by social media site.



Viral Facebook Apps

One of the for sure ways “currently” not to get your links banned or redirects of Facebook is too code a script, which is basically a facebook app. Of course the code can be structured differently, however here is one of my facebook scripts http://empowernetwork.appzdomination.com, which has never been blocked/banned from Facebook, at least not yet. Here is another example of a facebook app script.


Network Affiliate Marketing Bloggers

The more you learn, the more you have to use when you are making your decisions about affiliate marketing. Any and every tip you learn can help you in your affiliate marketing endeavors. Just remember to keep up to date with tips in your desired niche and you should be successful if you apply your knowledge correctly.






Viral Social Media Marketing


Viral Content

Lets talk about Viral content and why it considered king. Viral content is what people look for and is what people eventually bookmark. I believe it’s the best concept used when you’re looking for quick jump in traffic or attention.

Some key ingredients to generating viral content:

♦ Interactive infographics
♦ Easy to read list(s)
♦ Content
♦ Expert knowledge
♦ Social media signals
♦ Social media connections
♦ Video interaction

Their is NO formula or exact science assuring your content will go viral. Matter of fact – if your content has ever gone viral and you plan to duplicate the process the second time around, chances are you will be disappointed.

The elements below (even if you cannot get your content to go viral) is my philosophical view regarding success in any venture taken. Of course – the percentages in the elements fluctuate accordingly, however if you look “passion” and “perseverance” equal persistency in many cases, therefore this leads to my point. The internet and content is mostly about persistence.

Persistency plays one of the largest rolls regarding success online for a number of reasons. Search engines (especially Google) algorithms and the “persistency” element is considered high, therefore when Google sees a persistence in “new (fresh) content,” “social media interactions & connections,” “relevant back-links” etc.. your site, blog content, or video will be deemed as of more importance, therefore you can expect a high placement in the SERPS.

* Luck3%
* Training 9%
* Skill20%
* Education10%
* Passion25%
* Perseverance/Persistency30%
* Timing3%


Social Media Sites

Here is a partial list of social media sites. For a full list please click here or for a list of business social media sites click here.

→ Pinterest
→ Linkedin
→ Digg
→ Squiddoo
→ Buzz Feed
→ Facebook Fan Page
→ Twitter
→ Del.icio.us
→ StumbleUpon
→ Reddit
→ Instagram
→ Tagged
→ Xing
→ Bebo
→ Plaxo



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